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Living in color! Monochromatic and their meanings

Yesterday was a welcome changed by many Americans as we held our Presenditial Ignaguration for President Biden and Madame Vice President Harris, but that's not all. It was the most fashion-forward event of the season! From Jennifer Lopez immersed in an all-white Chanel suit to Lady Gaga's Schiaparelli couture ensemble. I did not expect anything less from these two famous fashion icons!

The ladies of the white house, past and present, did not disappoint either! They were in monochromatic colors of purple and blue to send a message to many Americans about peace and loyalty to this country. Before that, Gaga was in a monochromatic all-white outfit the day before as white represents purity. The white house had ushered in many women in monochromatic suits and dresses. An array of bright colors of pink, yellow, and red to celebrate many things. But again, the one main theme was monochromatic of both blue and purple during the Presidential Inauguration. Blue represents peace, tranquility, and calm nature that represented President Biden's speech. Therefore, monochromatic of blue for those who wore that such as President Biden and the first lady in Blue/Turquoise made a powerful statement indeed.


Monochromatic is nothing new. But it has been on trend since 2020 and has bled its way into 2021. I am sure we all can agree when Michelle Obama walked in her plum monochromatic ensemble that many deem as burgundy or deep purple the world was shook. One thing is for sure that colors hold a powerful meaning and out of their meanings, purple means power as well as nobility. The moment Obamas stepped on the scene everyone was blown away! Rather many people wore purple its fellow cousins in plum or burgundy (a reddish, brown-purple hue) the message was profound! The Obamas were in the building, of course, and the world was ready for it!

source: Getty Images North America

What Is Monochromatic?

What is monochromatic for those that do not know? Monochromatic is when you take one color of your choice and use that same hue from head to toe. Monochromatic can also be when you take a variation of one color to create a dramatic effect such as an ombre of light green to dark green, but the theme of the outfit is green. You can use various fabrics, textures, prints, and patterns but it all has to be in the same color family. Thus, colors show up differently on different fabrics, so choose wisely! It's a fun way to flex one's fashion muscle, too! But do not be mistaken without understanding the meaning of colors a person can send the wrong message when wearing a monochromatic outfit!

As mentioned, colors have meaning and it smart to use them wisely when on a powerful platform. They indicate a mood or feeling of the individual wearing that said color. However, the tone and saturation of each hue hold several meanings introducing a newer meaning when darkened. For example, pink is deemed as a feminine hue that hosts several meanings. The meanings range from love, sweet, innocent, feminine, healthy, and kindness. The more saturated the pink is with a black tent the more the meaning changes to a red-colored theme. The lighter the pink the more soothing the color is to the eyes due to it being mixed with white.

White is known to be a peaceful color that represents hope and purity so naturally, as it is used to brighten any color it creates a sweeter tonality whereas black is used as a tent that deepens the color into a more serious tone to add depth into its meaning. When picking a color in a monochromatic color story you have to be mindful of these basic principles.

Therefore, If you are not a confident person but you are wearing a deep purple monochromatic outfit to represent power, then you will look awkward because this color is not a representation of you! Hence, Michell Obama wore it effortlessly because she a very confident woman and powerful in her own right. This way the color scheme is not wearing her she is wearing it!

When Gaga and J.Lo wore white in Washington, DC it was used symbolically. In this case, it was used to represent the purity, hope, newness, fresh start, and peace of our nation. The whole campaign of our Biden/Harris 2020 campaign was about hope for a better tomorrow. When Kamala wore an all-white Carolina Herrera suit to celebrate her victory, it was her way to show she was coming from a fresh start with pure intentions. So it makes sense that J.lo and Gaga would wear all white during their time at the white house. All three ladies are no strangers to an all-white outfit but in the time when it matters in politics, it sends a great message! What colors most speak to you in time of needed change for your next monochromatic look?


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