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Looking for an amazing opportunity with Iconic Peek? Iconic has opening for fashion stylist, make-up artist, and hairstylist to join our team. Below are qualifications for each to join our team. Moreover, this opportunity is an independent contractor based.

All makeup artist and hair stylist must be licensed and come with professional work experience with a minimum of 2 years. When contacting us, please provide at least 3 reliable professional references, your certifications, diplomacy, and licenses.

All fashion stylist and specialty stylist must have at least 2 years of professional work and training experience. You must be skilled in photo shoots, fashion shows, prop styling, and personal styling. If you have received training through a fashion styling school please provide your diplomacy or certification as apart of your credentials. Finally, please provide 3 reliable professional references.

In order to be considered, these qualifications must be met within your resume. Send your resume to

Moving forward if you have any additional questions,  please go to the contact us page by clicking here.

Image by Marissa Grootes
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