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Our Story

      Iconic Peek is a mobile and virtual styling consulting firm founded by Alisa Marie, in Chicago, IL. We are located downtown Chicago, IL. Our main focus is to offer various fashion styling services and consulting services for individuals and /or their companies nationwide on the go! Our goal is to help people achieve a desirable outcome on how to represent themselves without losing what makes them unique.


      Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to launch our online clothing store by partnering with our styling services for our client's convenience to shop in the comforts of their home while being styled through us. Our store only consists of local and independent brands from around the globe in order to help them gain recognition. In this light, we are proud to be sponsors as well as partner with Chicago Fashion Week and believe every brand matters.

      In light of this, by working with fashion brands and designers in the industry, we noticed a vast majority of them needed help with their business. Unfortunately, they are great at being creative but not so much in business, and we want to lend a helping hand to change that. We decided to launch the ICP Culture Program as an answer to help business owners in the fashion industry with branding, marketing, and public relations to thrive at what they do. ICP Culture stands for Iconic Peek Culture, and it will act as an extension of what Iconic Peek is for any entrepreneur needing those services.

      A vast majority of people think of how one carries his/or herself doesn't matter. On the contrary, it does. You don't have to dress like a million dollars, by just being neat and well-groomed about one’s appearance can make a huge difference in their personal and/or professional livelihood.

      Our mission is simple, to educate everyone on the importance of their appearance. Making a first impression can only be made once and this is the reason why we want everyone to make a positive and lasting ICONIC one.

About the Owner

      Born and raised in the south of Chicago, IL in a community called Beverly Hill's/ Morgan Park, it was there that Alisa Marie learned to understand the beauty of diversity. Her understanding was that people come in all shapes, sizes, and complexions. That was the beauty of Beverly- nobody is one race, or "one size fits all". Being the youngest of four children, Alisa's mother Gloria Browning would give her Barbies to occupy her time due to such a large age gap between Alisa and her siblings. Each Barbie Doll was of various races, because her mother wanted Alisa to understand the power of diversity. 


      Moreover, it was because of the dolls that Alisa fell in love with fashion, pushing herself to be creative and come up with fun looks on each doll. As she grew older, she would borrow clothes from her sisters to develop her style.  Family and friends took notice and asked her for styling advice. That passion for fashion led Alisa to work in a boutique called Envy Chicago, located in Beverly, as a stylist and sales assistant. She worked there from high school to college and continued her journey to stores like Nine West and Ann Taylor, as well as working with local designers and doing photoshoots for local Chicago models.  


    In this light, Alisa felt that being a Fashion Stylist was not enough- she wanted to take her skills to another level and went back to school at New York Institutes of Design and Technology to pursue a certification in Image Consulting. Alisa Marie has dedicated her career to educating men, women, and businesses on the power of appearance and the confidence it brings to their lives. 


“We requested a last minute hair & make-up booking for our hotel guest & Iconic Peek worked out! Thank you very much for tackling this one & adjusting your business to accommodate us.” - Concierge, London House Chicago

“Being a busy guy means I do not have time to shop. I selected the personal shopping service, and I am glad I did! Iconic Peek kept me on-trend and saved me time; even got my dog a little something. I am also thinking about purchasing the dog styling package. Thanks so much, Alisa and good luck! -Roger H. (Client)

"Want to have fun shopping and feeling great about yourself? Then I suggest you book Iconic Peek's 360 Fashion Experience. We had so much fun bouncing from store to store and getting me styled all-in-one session! Let's say I have no clue on how to put outfits together. She never took me anywhere out of my budget, and she curated outfits for me in one session, too. Alisa saved me so much time and money! Most importantly, I was taught shopping techniques as well as styling tips and tricks. I will be booking with her again." -Alice S. (client)

“I booked a closet audit appointment for a full day, and Alisa tackled all my requests, got all my clothes donated, and colored coded my closet in a way I never could. The way she audited my closet helped me get ready a lot faster.” -Naomi M. (client)

“Iconic Peek did my closet audit and it never looked amazing since. I just moved and I will be requesting their services again” - Kay L. (Client)

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