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Red Carpet Hosting

Red Carpet Hosting is provided solely by Alisa Marie to clients that need someone to host their high profile red carpeted events. Alisa is personable and makes each red carpet guest feel comfortable and welcomed with her warm and bubbly personality. With our red carpet host, we are able to work at movie premieres, launch parties, fashion shows, and more by adapting to the needs of clients and presenting an iconic experience for their event. Our red carpet host has worked with Susan G Komen Annual Gala, FashionBar Chicago, Make-a-Wish, Tehj tribe and Good Looks Chicago event "The Launch," and Chicago's Fashion Week just to name a few. Our job entails, but not limited to:

  • Reporting and Correspondent broadcasting skills.

  • Helps clients compile and organize a red carpet strategy for their event.

  • Up to date knowledge of pop culture, current trends, and knowledge of events hosted.

  • Marketing concepts for how the red carpet will be handled visually and physically.

  • Partners with TR Media to provide  professional video footage.

  • Conducts correspondent timeframe per guest for smoother red carpet transition into the start of the event.

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