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Welcome to the Iconic Peek's Blog! Where you will read and see all types of goodies to heighten your fashion senses. This is where (as everyone likes to say) all the magic happens, more or less lol. Also, this is where I will keep all of you lovely people excited about what I am doing in the fashion community. So let me give you an off the grid insight of why Iconic Peek is finally here.

About many moons ago, I took a break from fashion as a model, m.u.a, and fashion stylist to be a mom and family gal in my mid-twenties. I loved it, but I missed fashion on so many levels. I even left the house looking like "the mom" lol. Meaning, yeah I get you hot and bothered when I'm dressed to the “nines”, but other than that I'm bumming it up. My children became my mini models and I would shop all around like a crazy person to find fun and excited pieces of children’s clothing and accessories for them. I was trying to fill a hole in my unfashionable life/ career.

I even worked odd jobs just to help keep our little family a float. If anyone knows anything about me is that I dislike working for someone else. Not that it kept me from doing my job effectively with a smile, but the whole micromanagement of others was very annoying! I didn't want to spend the rest my life being under someone else’s thumb who preaches about professionalism when quiet as it’s kept, they're the most hypocritical unprofessional person to even preach such a message! I got tired of being over worked and underpaid with crappy 15 minute breaks and a barely enough time "to be on the phone and eat" lunch breaks. I'm too old and grown to be asking another adult when I can use the washroom. Like SERIOUSLY??? Not for me!

It was time for a change. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in right around 2014 where I was doing a lot of independent contractor jobs as a server and stylist. I even taught Zumba for crying out loud and I HATE working out! However, Zumba was fun to teach. I ended working regular jobs, BUT they were temp/ seasonal jobs to save my sanity. Then in the brink of May 2015 I gave corporate America and any 9-5 jobs I had left, five thumbs down and mentally check out of the employee roll. I guess everyone who decides to start their own ventures get to a point where they just mentally check out and want better for themselves. I went back to being a full time fashion stylist. Of course I had to drive Uber and Lyft like the rest of the world, but it helped me greatly discipline myself and my schedule. Plus I made great money while being my own boss. By the end of 2015, I had built up my fashion styling resume once more and got my groove back.

This year I am doing some really exciting career changing stuff! I worked for Black Fashion Week USA at the Lakeshore Cultural Center in Chicago, IL. At that particular event, I worked backstage as a wardrobe stylist assisting legendary Chicago designer, Bryan K Osburn, and met fabulous designers like Femaia. I was assigned to help Bryan, and let me tell you it was a joy. I assisted with Eddie Vargeez's Styling and Event production "Love in London", and now I find myself hosting the red carpet for Chicago's Fashion week for Fashion Bar at the Drake Hotel and much more. I just feel overwhelming blessed. Not to mention being a wardrobe stylist back stage at another event for Fashion Bar that same week!!! I just found out I'm needed as a model for another event and that I'm going to New York for fashion week come fall 2016 for styling purposes. Every day my phone has been ringing and I honestly don't want it stop. "Cause I know when that hotline bling it can only mean one thing" and that someone needs my services lol. So what are you waiting for??? You know you need me too: be continued *muah*

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