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Fashion Week Chicago w/ FashionBar Chicago

When you think of fashion capitols you think of New York, London, Paris, and many others. However, when you think of those fashion capitols Chicago rarely comes to mind. Yes, Chicago has the lovely Bridal Expo, but when it comes to hosting a fashion week in the big windy city, we are left with a plethora of events that still leaves Chicago divided.

That’s where Fashionbar Chicago comes in! Fashionbar Chicago is a local company that wants to bridge the gaps between Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. The company is owned and founded by none other than Tony Long. Born in India and traveled to Chicago, IL at the age of six with his family. Uniquely, Tony stated, “I want to create something this city has never seen before and I want to put Chicago fashion scene on people’s minds. We have the capitol and creativity as a city! Moreover, Chicago is a diverse mecca with all walks of life when it comes to other nationalities and that’s what makes Chicago a beautiful place.”

On March 18th and March 20th Tony Long did just that. First up was the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel located at 221 N Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL 60601. It show cased couture designers Anastasia Chatkas of Anastasia Boutique (located on 1001 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60622) and Prina Pagia of “Prina Designs. Coupled with the models walked around the mid-section of the lobby of the hotel for other Radisson guests to see. It was raw… out in the open for viewing eyes to watch out for luscious gowns to travel along the catwalk and up the stairs to the art gallery of the hotel. Additionally, each designer had completely different esthetics, which made the show more interesting to watch. Whereas, Anastasia displayed edgy ready-to-wear to couture gold outfits and shear dresses. Meanwhile, designer Prina showcase more edgier evening wear, and her color palette was softer spring colors, such as powder blues, soft violets, and corals dresses. Let’s just say, I can’t wait to see what these two lovely designers put out for their next collection.

Next up, the main event on Sunday at the Drake Hotel. The featured designers were Christopher DiGorgio, Humane Envy, Nadia Dovidi, Kristina Grieda, and Laura Daili. Straightaway, Christopher was the first up with his menswear collection. For His fashions was combination of urban and contemporary ready to wear men’s clothing. For one thing, Chris had the only ready-to-wear men’s fashion line, must say he did a fantastic job with the craftsmanship of his clothing. In addition, he offered an array of concepts, yet he still stayed fluid in collection from distressed tailored jackets to long oversized coats with various patterns. Notably, so many designers to “ooh and aah” over, but why continue you on when I can just show you? Below is a photo gallery of all the other designers and what they brought to the table. Enjoy!

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