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Street Fashions: First Look

Men’s S/S 17 is approaching us and the New York streets is the number one place to see up- coming trends with an innovative twist. Currently, the moto jacket is appearing in not only New

York, but Beijing and London. The jacket gives a minimalist, yet youthful look that is a necessity

in anybody’s wardrobe. Another trend you’ll notice is the flowing three-quarter sleeve jacket.

Minimal vibrant colors are used for a pop in detail, which is seen in the accessories above. With

anticipated collaborations on the rise, such as A.P.C X Outdoor Voice, Adidas Y-3 Sport Collec- tion, and NikeLab X Riccardo Tisci activewear is on a rise which will be featured in the future

capsule collections. These collections will offer a unique twist of the combination between sporting

apparel and ready to wear fashion. With sporting apparel trending now and becoming more

integrated into fashion, it should be interesting to see the New York streets take since they al- ready offer a great mix of streetwear and minimalist designs.

Lollapalooza displays all the summers top trends in one of the biggest music festivals held in the

heart of Chicago. The city is buzzing with festival-goers visiting from all over the world who

come to drink, dance, and enjoy their favorite artists. Here is where you will see and experience

it all. However, what makes Lolla diverse from any other music festival is its focus on urban,

street style. From prints and vibrant pops of color to the minimal black and white, outfits still do

not steer too far from street wear. However, this year had a wave of vintage and grunge looks

that were clearly inspired from rock and roll. Modern grunge was mainly highlighted in tour tees

paired with jeans, leather boots, and oversized jean jackets. Especially for men, grunge and an

edge of simplicity was prominent in many outfits. A diverse vintage look was also popularly dis- played in timeless, effortless pieces. Unique accessories such as headpieces, sunglasses, and

fanny packs were commonly seen. The diverse wave of fused styles gave a buzz to Chicago

fashion this weekend.

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