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Living in a Virtual World

The pandemic has forced businesses big and small to make changes from a digital perspective to survive. "It's a jungle out there" is an understatement when learning how many businesses had to close their doors and tell their long-time customers goodbye. As CEO of this company, I refuse to let that happen. When the pandemic first hit, I thought it could have been a possibility, but after speaking with my business partner, I realized I just needed some help to get me out of the depressed state of my company.

I designed Iconic Peek as a mobile styling business that comes to our consumer's doorsteps and styled them in the comforts of their homes or hotel room. We provided closet audits all over Chicago, IL; it was booming! But how can I go into someone's house and risk not catching the Corona Virus? It was a stressful time. Moreover, 2020 was the year I was going to get my big break based on residential buildings that love my business concept. Yet, the pandemic changed all of that, and the offer was no longer available. Hopelessly, I was trying to figure out how can I provide that same high touch energy on a digital platform?

Therefore, this was not an easy task. It took months to refocus and rescale my business to fit our new digital e-commerce state of existence. I thought I was going to open a storefront after the quarantine, but that died along with many other stores being rioted. So back to the drawing board I went. Until a light bulb went off and, I decided to launch an online boutique to help emerging and established independent brands as well as designers to partner with our unique styling concept. Thus, leading me to tell everyone about our next big news!

After months of trial and error, I am going to do virtual fashion styling! How many of you signed up for the digital stylist to get a stylist you do not like, you did not pick, that doesn't get your style, or develop a style that suits your life? How many of those boxes did you order while still needing help on putting those outfits together? Lastly, how many of those items you kept and felt like your stylist was not listening to you?

I feel your pain! I tried a few of those companies myself and not only hated it but also realize it's disrespectful to professional stylists globally who have been professionally trained, understand body shapes, color theory, and have published work. I will be changing that by allowing our customers and clients to talk to a stylist face-to-face of their choice! Not a sales associate that works retail to trying to push a box of clothes your way.

How exciting is that? I will be happy to see every one of your faces and answer your questions.

In this light, I am grateful to grow with this service and have it become unique and innovative as time moves us along. If 2020 has shown small businesses everywhere is that we have to fight for our dreams and block out the noise. I learned so much this year about myself and what I want for this company to be. Thus, I am so excited to share my growth and ever-growing talented mind with the world!


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