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Getting into the mind of a Fashion Illustrator: Cristian Paul

It's not every day you get to meet a fun-loving creator without the weird oddities and awkward moments in conversation that make you look for the nearest exit. Some artists are not conversationalists by a long shot because they express themselves through their art. That's fine it makes sense in a way. While others are grasping at straws to figure out what to talk about other than art. Cristian is the total opposite. His shiny personality makes him a joy to be around and he talks about any topic without skipping a beat. Humble beyond his years, Cristian is not afraid to get political with his art. He states it's is a way he expresses himself and his innermost thoughts even he was in darker places in his life.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, the 29 artist was not always confident with his creations and nor cared to go to school for it until he was 25 years old. I was able to meet him in 2018 and would have never thought that such a talented artist with be shy and insecure. But aren't we all when we are stepping into our true self, into our true passions? We are worried about what others think about our career choices without bringing up dreaded money conversation compared to showing genuine support in being our authentic selves. In this light, I am sure as creatives we get no one wants their loved one to become a starving artist. However, in the land of Social Media that no longer has to be an issue.

As a creative, I understand being particular about what I am creating. It can become quite a sensitive topic especially living in a nosey digital world! All creatives want to make money, but money does not always bring creative joy, especially when they have to step from behind their art to speak on it. It can be quite alarming when all a creative wants to do is create and be antisocial unless he or she is amongst friends.

I sat down with Cristian to pick his brain for Iconic Peek's blog before discussing our live interview time slot for Instagram. The live interview will be held today on Instagram on the Iconic Peek page at 12:00 pm Central Standard Time, Friday, February 12, 2020. As we were excited to talk about the live interview. I want to ask him a few questions just in case people were not able to catch the Instagram interview due to work but wanted to read the blog.

Cristian, tell us about yourself for our clients and social media followers?

Well, I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico but grew up in a small town a few miles away. I really big into my family and they are my biggest supporters. I was into art since I was a little kid, I don't know... I was really shy about it. Initially came to go to school in Chicago right around I met the CEO of Iconic Peek, Alisa Marie.

What made you come to Chicago?

Opportunity, it has great art schools. But originally I did not come here to be an art student. It was when I was 25 years of age I started commissioning my work. Such as working for fashion designers as a fashion Illustrator. I volunteered for Fashionbar Chicago and did the artwork for their Chicago's Fashion It was a great experience.

What inspired you to do this collection?

Great question. I knew it was my responsibility to make sure that I did her justice. I did not want to over-exaggerate her features or her hair. I wanted her to look and feel as authentic as possible was inspired by black fashion icons of the 80's such as Grace Jones. I love the bright bold colors that they would use in the backdrop to create another dimensional effect.


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