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New Chapter for Iconic Peek

by: Alisa Marie, CEO

It all started with a mighty letdown of the pandemic. Everything that we wanted to do as a company got shelved. It was a difficult time to start over and revamp digitally, but we did it! However, more adversity had risen, and we had to keep pivoting. Through the ups and down had birthed new ideas. We want Iconic Peek to be more modern and reflect the times we are currently living in.

Moreover, Iconic Peek is more than just a fashion company; we are a culture of individuals who contribute to the company. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. So does marketing and social media platforms. Even though Iconic Peek is doing well, it does not mean we can not evolve, learn from our mistakes, and press reset.

I am excited to announce ICP Culture, LLC will take over where Iconic Peek left off. The acronym ICP stands for Iconic Peek to let people know it is still in the company's DNA. It is time for Iconic Peek to evolve into a powerhouse beauty and fashion brand that provides artists in both communities a way to celebrate and collaborate. ICP Culture will be the umbrella for our product line. We have been quietly working on a product line to separate Iconic Peek from other styling companies. As time goes on, more details will be released at a later date.

With so much competition in this field, it's time that we all start working together and uplifting each other. It's enough creativity and money to go around. Moreover, we are more than just fashion professionals; we are artists who are always looking to grow our skills and challenge ourselves to do better. Therefore, we are making changes to reflect how we have and can evolve while opening doors for other stylists of these fields to join the Iconic Peek team.

Firstly, we started providing digital styling services in the late summer of 2020. Our digital fashion styling services keep everyone safe doing these trying times and make it unique enough for clients to enjoy their experience from home or in their private office. Next, we provided an online boutique with on-demand digital styling to help assist consumers. However, as we worked with designers and vendors worldwide, we realize that dropshipping was working during quarantine but not working for us as the world started to reopen. Thus, it was time for Iconic Peek to have all (not just some) of the clothing on hand to meet our customer demands better.

Online clothing was a new venture for us, and we realize we missed the mark. Due to early learning mistakes, Iconic Peek had to understand how online boutiques' operated and way to improve ourselves. It's called a "learning curve," and we embrace it as a company. But most importantly, it allows us to personalize our shipped products. Our online boutique page on this site is currently temporarily down, but no worries, it will be back up in time for the holiday season with a new title and better features.

Secondly, I decided Iconic Peek needed an office for our industry clients to meet with us in a consistent setting to discuss fashion shows and conduct photoshoots without unnecessarily traveling all over the city of Chicago. Due to covid, we are temporarily ceasing all mobile styling features to private residences and hotel establishments ONLY. Though mobile styling is the bread and butter of our business model, we had to pivot until the Coronavirus is entirely behind us as a society. Therefore, our new office space was mainly needed to serve in-person fashion styling services, consulting, and assistance. While also having the option of shopping our boutique in-person.

So as we move forward, we are excited for this new chapter in our business. After touring several office spaces, we decided downtown Chicago would be the best-centralized option in the Industrious Chicago workspaces. Our office provides many amenities for both our clients and us. We have a kitchen space/ cafe area, beautiful common spaces with unique interior decorative concepts that are perfect for photoshoots, content creations through social media, private events/ seminars, and so forth.

We want to thank everyone who has shopped our online boutique while we continue to improve through your feedback. We want to thank all our partners for your support and all new and current consumers, too. If you are reading this and need any fashion styling and consultation, by all means, please feel free to use the "contact us" page or at 312.897.7790.


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