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Jamal Smallz': Midwest Throne Soundstage

Midwest Throne Showcase was held at The Abbey on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016. The event was hosted by Jamal Smallz and Beadz. The highlighting performance was Young Gii, a Chicago based artist. Out of all the performances, his livened the crowd and captured the audience. You can find his instagram name is under @iamyounggii_if. The event showcased several other versatile rappers as well including Hollywood Shawtyz.

Jamal Smallz and rapper Young Gii

Shaneika Speaks was the host of the evening introducing each performance. This young lady knew how to get a crowd hype! Furthermore, Shaneika made sure that everyone in the audience respected each of the performing acts before they showcased their songs. If you want someone to liven up the room in between performances then you can contact her on instagram @shaneikaspeaks.

Each artist was given the opportunity to perform two songs; with drinks flowing and people dancing, the energy was heightened all night. The venue offered a great setting to allow people to enjoy themselves and to be exposed to new upcoming artists, as well. It gives new artists the opportunity to be exposed and to impress the press. Well respected industry connects attended the party, which is major for the artists who performed to take advantage and advance in the music industry. This gave them opportunity to network with personalities from WGCI to Ron Stew.

In the midst of the performances, several guest speakers came up to the stage to add some industry knowledge. Some of the speakers (to name a few) included the WGCI'S Morning Show crew Kyle Santillian, Dj Hot Sauce, and Leon Rogers. They each gave motivational speeches conveying the same message: "Be different, but be yourself. Don't worry about trying to be the next Kendrick Lamar. Let Kendrick be himself and you be 'you'!" Leon Rogers touched more on these artists' need to start surrounding themselves with people who look out for the betterment of the artistic vision and craft as a whole. Furthermore, to only have friends that tell you what you need to hear and not what you want.

Comedian / Dj Leon Rogers, Shanieka speaks, and Dj Kool Ant

In addition, he also spoke on professionalism. He stated to make sure as an artist or any professional in the industry to have business cards, media kits, and other professionally tools of promoting their body of work. By the time Leon was done, the whole room broke out into a networking frenzy! Let's just say he woke the audience up a little bit more. Check out the behind the scenes and event photos!

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