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Celebrating Women All-Day Long, All Month Long

Did you know we carry female own brands and designers locally and internationally? That is right! Today is the day we take time to honor women in our lives that have impacted our society as well as our history. Currently, celebrities and everyday people have taken to their social media accounts to celebrate their mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, and other women in their lives who have impacted them. Today we'll be doing the same.

Revalu is a Russian animal-friendly and loving designer brand in Russia. The brand was created by a mother-daughter duo, Kate and Olga. These ladies make vegan-friendly coats to provide warmth as well as luxury. Both women are vegetarians and took time to educate themselves through PETA to do better and be better fashion designers. They locate the latest fabric technologies from within Moscow to create their clothing. We carry two coats by them that will be going on sale the first day of spring. You can locate their coats in the coat sections of the online store.

Anastasiia Ivanova's latest dress in our luxury department is quite breath-taking in person. She is an international ready-to-wear designer whose work has been presented in well-known international events such as the White Milano in Milan, RoomsLINK in Tokyo, and Coterie in New York. From our knowledge, she has been a regular at the Ukrainian and Kazakhstan Fashion Week. Her design's aesthetic is to exude feminity in her garments so they can flow gracefully along the female body. You can shop her dress here.

Our fan-favorite, Caribbean designer Heather Jones. She makes amazing resort wear and wedding dresses that are great for those clients of ours who only wear luxury and high-end brands. She designs her clothes with silk as she paints and dyes them herself. We made sure to give Heather her section within our store. Her work has been seen all over the world and various fashion weeks held in Milan and Paris. Go to to view her collection on our site.

Since so many of our clients and customers alike want to afford her and many luxury brands but can't due to restraints of the pandemic we are working with Sezzle, Afterpay, and Affirm payment option to make that a reality.

There are so many ways you can support women today as well as all month long. You can shop from women's owned business, read books written by women, watch movies directed by women, listen to music sung and written by women. In this light, you can also spend time with women in your life that have had a positive influence.

Moreover, take this time to educate yourself on the contribution women have made to society historically. Such as Mae Jameson being the first black female astronaut or Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize and coined the term "radioactivity." It's the more we educate ourselves the more we can grow.

Today we ask you to challenge yourself on how will you #choosetochallenge the world in forging a space for women, because there are still places in the world where women barely have any rights. In honor of International Women's Day, how will you forge gender equality in your community? How will you challenge yourself and others?


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