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Ways you can Celebrate and Support Black History Month

Before black history began, we lost the wonderfully talented Cicely Tyson, right before it began. However, we still celebrate her and the life's work she has provided all of us over the years. As we enter the third day of Black History Month, let us all take this time to do better and be better than what we have in the past to honor this amazing black iconic legend and hero. Cicely Tyson passed away at the age of 96 years old recently on January 28th.

Speaking of Icons, did you know she put out a book two days before her passing? The book is a memoir of her truth as she puts it, covering various aspects of her life as a model, an actress, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. You can buy her book on,, and to name few places online. I will be getting a book to support in light of her highs and lows as inspiration and so should you!

Another female book author you want to check out is Melody Boykin. She is the founder of Black Fashion Week USA. Not only is she a good friend of mine, but she is also an inspiration to the black fashion community. Her book is called The Little Black Boutique guide to finding local black boutique owners while traveling around. Her books will be available on and Barnes & Noble. Melody will also be doing a Virtual Book Launch on Friday, February 5th, at 7 pm central standard time. Super excited for her! She was just on Fox 32News discussing her book launch to get the word out. Please preorder your copy today and support another Black Female Entrepreneur at

If you are still interested in more African American authors to support, no worries. I have decided to do a separate blog on black book authors for February. You can support these local Chicago authors, also.

Next, we have award-winning Trinidadian Independent Fashion Designer, Heather Jones, in our boutique who designs high-end resort wear. She makes beautiful silk garments that are dyed and hand-painted. The craftmanship of her garments is amazing.

When people can buy high-end European Designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, etc, then they can certainly afford Heather Jones Collection. Period! Her work has been seen in various fashion weeks including Miami Fashion Week, Paris Fashion shows, and Toronto Fashion Week. You can follow her on as well as shop her collection here at

Finally, we are putting out our own Black History Month Merch that is illustrated by Cristian Paul, a Mexican American Artist. It is being called the "Melinating Glow" in support of dark-skinned African American women who have spoken up many times and feel they are underrepresented in the beauty and fashion industries. We are collaborating with him to bring everyone together to celebrate Black History month in a glamorous way with Valentine's Day around the corner. Moreover, these will make a great gift to give to a loved one or to collect for yourself! You can start preordering as soon as tomorrow, February 4th. We are excited to collaborate on many more projects with Cristian for 2021. Stay Tuned!


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