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The 1st Annual Laugh Out Loud Comedy Show

We are excited to launch our first video of the "Laugh Out Loud: Comedy for a Cure Show". The comedy fundraiser was held at the Iconic Laugh Factory on 3175 N Broadway, Chicago Il on Monday, September 26th. The essence of the show was to help bring a sense of joy to those who struggle or have overcome their boughts with Breast Cancer. Laughter is really good for the soul and overcoming hard times. We had the pleasure to have comedian Aarona Lopez host the show. Aarona Lopez had been on MTV2's Nick Cannon Presents: "Wild'n Out" and was given her online stand up segment on

The comedic lineup has also include Schmitty B, Leon Rogers, Marty Derosa, and the legendary B.Cole. Music for the evening was played DJ Jamal Smallz to get attendees amped and ready for the show. Everyone involved in our event donated their time and money to help make this a reality. We had the pleasure to have Jamal Smallz and his wife Warnita Taylor's organization "Embrace," a part in our cause since their families had been affected by cancer, also. In addition, other supporters included Chi Fashion Week, whom have be spreading breast cancer awareness in their Avante Garde and Couture Fashion shows. Thus they would be donating money from their fashion shows to Susan G Komen.

This event will be happening again sometime later in the fall of 2017 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. A portion of our proceeds for the evening was donated to Susan G Komen Breast Organization. For more info of this event please check out out event page at

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