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Ready. Set. Walk.

On Sunday March 20th, 2016 Alisa will be at the red carpet host of Tony Long's Fashion Bar Annual Portfolio Fashion Show. She will be wearing beautiful designer gowns and trying to get some interesting interaction with Chicago's who's who and celebrities that walk the red carpet, while still maintaining her out going bubbly persona. To be honest it's a really exciting time for Iconic Peek to be a part of such a powerhouse experience. Alisa gets to do what she does best and that's, talk, talk, talk, talk lol. It’s going to be a joy watching our founder shine and giving good vibes on our television.

So let’s get down to the roots and talk about this event Fashion Bar is having and why you should come. Fashion Bar is a Premier company that does event styling and coordinating for fashion industry for fashion designers, retailers, boutique owners, stylist while offering consulting services to them and anyone in the fashion industry. This means marketing, branding, and much more. They basically get you from point A-Z and it really boosts your company and revenue so definitely check them out at

Nonetheless, it’s a great way for local Chicagoans and others to see what we have to offer as a city to the fashion industry. You get to see up and coming to established designers whom are there to showcase their work. The issue many people have is that Chicago does not support their own, but in reality if our locals keep sticking with that mentality then how can we grow for other talented realms such as fashion? But if the locals band together, support our own, and buy from them then we can grow and prosper as a whole. There are too many designers in this country that do beautiful work to just stick to other commonly known fashion designers or houses. So come check out these lovely local designers and match their beautiful garments with one of your beautifully crafted Chanel bags.

Fashion Bar has another event happening as early as Friday, March 18th, 2015 at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. It's a couture showing for local Chicago fashion designers Prina Pagia of "Prin Designs" and Anastasia Chatzka. This event starts at 6:30pm. For more info please go to

From left to right:

Alisa Marie Founder of Iconic Peek, Tony Long owner of Fashion Bar, and model/actress Jaclyn Francine

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